2023 Closet and Storage Trends

Like most other items and spaces, closet design and storage options go through trends yearly. As your clothing and accessory collection grows, you’ll want to consider adjusting your setup to be the most functional for your space and your needs. You can make a few adjustments to your closet to keep up with the current trends of 2023 and make your home organized and modern.


Current Closet Trends

Cool Light Fixtures

Lighting is a crucial part of creating an enjoyable closet space. If you have a large closet, adding luxurious light fixtures or incorporating natural light can brighten up your space and make it much easier to choose outfits and accessories. Beautiful light fixtures can give your space a more modern look if that is the aesthetic you are looking for.


Modernized Storage

Since COVID, many people have opted for a more minimalist approach. If you’re minimizing the clutter around your home, you can also add more space for storage to keep your home looking neat and tidy. This will help ensure that everything in your home has a place but can keep your home looking modern and timeless to fit any aesthetic or trend. Incorporating white storage that closes and looks presentable will add to your timeless look because white will always be in style. Excluding handles and hardware will also add to a more minimalist design aesthetic.


Multifunctional Designs

Walk-in closets are a feature that a lot of people look for in a home, but multifunctional ones are becoming more popular. Incorporating a vanity or a small counter or island into the closet gives the space more purposes other than just a place to store your clothes, such as makeup, hair, and styling. People are also installing their washers and dryers into their closets to make transporting and putting away clothes much more manageable.


Accent Furniture

If your closet has extra space adding a new piece of furniture, such as a stool or accent chair, can change the look of the space. Including trendy and stylish pieces in warmer colors can bring together the look of your closet and add something extra for a trendier and more modern look.


Provide a Clear View of Everything

Utilizing diverse types of storage, such as bins for folded clothes and rods for hanging clothes, allows you to keep a lot on display but enables you to stay neat and organized at the same time. Keeping certain items hidden can also cause you to forget where things are and add more clutter to your space. Staying organized will allow you to store other items, such as blankets, in your closet as well and will allow you to display items you love.


Freedom to Customize

An excellent feature for organizational structures and storage is the ability to move them around and customize them for your needs. As your storage needs decrease or increase, it’s essential to have storage units, shelves, or bins that can be moved around depending on your current needs.


Work with Closet Innovations LLC

If you’re looking to revamp your closet and improve your storage space, work with a company that can help meet your needs. Closet Innovations LLC specializes in organizational storage that can meet your requirements, style, and budget. We take pride in providing excellent customer service, working efficiently, and helping you create a custom solution for your unique space.


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